About the initiative

An initiative of the Association of Austrian Professional Engineering Companies (Verband der Ziviltechniker- und Ingenieurbetriebe – VZI).

Mastering challenges in an international environment

Surviving in international competition is becoming increasingly important, but also more difficult, for Austrian engineering companies. The competitive pressure of cheapest providers, high fee levels and tax burdens, as well as a relatively small structure of the offices in international comparison are, according to their own assessment, the main reasons why Austrian providers are often not competitive abroad. The euro and EU crisis and a fundamental stagnation of the international economic situation are cited as further reasons for the deterioration of the situation. In the case of infrastructure projects, the price war in the mining and oil industry is also seen as a negative consequence for the order situation. Above all, those who rely on pioneering methods such as BIM or life cycle considerations in the planning process and on the high level of know-how from Austria look into a positive future (source: “Keyword export”: the positioning of Austrian architecture and civil engineering companies for international construction and consulting projects, online survey 2016).

The "Chance Export" creates a platform, with the aim of positioning professional engineering companies in international construction and consulting projects. The main focus is to create an understanding of the pioneering role of architects and engineers in international business, because their services also inspire industry and commerce. The platform provides information on the main areas of activity of Austrian offices and offers assistance and training opportunities for an optimized international presence.