Expert tips

Some Austrian engineering firms are already working abroad. Conversely, business delegates from AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA often know what is important in their markets. Here you can read what both recommend to be successful in an international environment.

Dr. Helmut Berger, Managing Director,

IFI workshops, annual business meetings or themed meetings provide information about planned IFI activities. This enables possible cooperation with international consulting companies and the integration of suitable key personnel to be discussed and fixed in good time and before the actual advertisement is published. And focus on those tenders where your company fits perfectly with existing know-how, current references and staff to be involved.

Mag. Christina Stieber,
Austrian deputy for business delegates in Manila

To make yourself known to the project managers in the Asian Development Bank, take advantage of networking opportunities at the events organized by the ADB. The ADB not only organizes the large Business Opportunities Fair once a year in Manila, but also business opportunity seminars in the member states. For more information about these events, please contact the Manila Foreign Trade Center!

Mag. Andreas Stauber,
Austrian deputy for business delegates in Washington

The business opportunities in IFI-funded projects are numerous, diverse and highly competitive. We recommend companies and consultants 3 things: (1) Find out about the strategies and country programs of the IFIs at an early stage in order to have projects on the radar already in the development phase (2) Establish a network with the IFIs and with local partners; (3) Only to be offered where you already have references. The Washington Foreign Trade Center has a direct connection to the Washington-based IFIs (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and Millennium Challenge Corporation) and supports Austrian companies with all inquiries about IFI-funded project business.

MMag. Markus Haas, MIM
Network Projects International (NPI), AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA

My tip: register on the Procurement pages of the World Bank, ADB and other development banks with your CV and special know-how as an "individual expert". This is how you get to the first projects, gain experience in dealing with the development banks and gradually pull larger orders for your company on land. I am at your disposal for further information on the topic of development banks.

DI Andreas Gobiet, Managing Director,

Invest in mastering the procurement rules and procedures of the respective international donors and IFIs and customise your project references and in-house experts CVs in the required formats and in excellent English.When preparing a Technical Offer, connect with experts from the respective project sector and country, ask them to provide you with relevant information on the local sectoral, political, and socio-economic context, which shall give you a better understanding on the existing situation, potential risks, and mitigation measures.