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The company has been working on construction / consulting projects abroad.

International construction / consulting projects are more likely to be public contracts.

The proportion or relevance of international funding for orders abroad is high (including World Bank, EU, EBRD etc.)

ALLPLAN has been / was the most successful in international construction / consulting projects in the following areas: Energy Consulting

ALLPLAN is active in the following areas: Energy Consulting

The company has more than 25 employees

Allplan is an Austrian consulting company that successfully operates on the national and international market with competence, experience and future-proof solutions. The focus is on building technology, technical infrastructure, provision and distribution of resource-saving energy and its efficient use, climate protection and building physics. As consulting engineers, the ALLPLAN team credits itself as a independent consultant with a high level of technical competence, loyalty to the customer and a distinctive service-mindset.

ALLPLAN is committed to the principles of social responsibility. As an environmental manager, the company promotes sustainable developments goals and overcomes challenges by using eco-friendly, cost-effective solution methods with commitment.

ALLPLAN’s understanding of conducting business relies on maintaining the business ethics in a way that it is fair and human-centered. ALLPLAN is committed to the best state-of-the-art solutions, the best ecological approaches and the best cost-benefit ratio for customers.

Selected project examples

Caucasus Energy Efficiency Programme I & II – CEEP

Detailed description of project:

The project has been funded by the EBRD to assist countries in achieving their national renewable energy goals. CEEP I & II constituted parts of the EBRD strategy in the Caucasus region which consisted of several operations to assist the financing and installation of sustainable energy systems in Armenia,Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The project aimed to develop the energy saving potential of the beneficiary countries through the following objectives:

•  Transferring and strengthening expertise in sustainable energy investments with participating   financial institutions, end-users and local experts

•  Providing the opportunity to new financial institutions participating in the project to strengthen their capacity to identify opportunities for investment in energy efficiency,   marketing and evaluation of loan applications.In this scope, Allplan supported sub-project assessment and capacity building of 6 PFIs in Georgia, 7 PFIs in Armenia and 2 PFIs in Azerbaijan in disbursing Energocredit corporate and residential loans which included sub-  projects concerning renewable energy sources

•  Training sub-borrowers in planning and reviewing loan applications

•  Training local engineers about providing assistance to the banks and to the sub-borrowers.

Dates(Start/End): 09/2013 – 08/2018

Country: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan

Overal contract value (EUR): 2.986.569 

Client: EBRD EuropeanBank forReconstruction and Development  

SustainableEnergy Financing Facility (KyrSEFF I and KyrSEFF II)
Verification Consultant

Detailed description of project:

TheEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD”,) established theKyrgyz Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (“KyrSEFF”) with Kyrgyz Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) for on-lending to private sector borrowers (including SMEs and households) for sustainable energy investments. KyrSEFF has provided up to USD 20 million in form of credit lines to PFIs and offers two on-lending windows: KyrSEFF Residential (REE) and KyrSEFF Business (industrial/SME energy efficiency (EE) and stand-alone renewable energy investments.

In the scope of this Facility, ALLPLAN GmbH has been independently monitoring the quality of technical assistance provided by the Project Consultant and verifying successful implementation of energy projects as well as confirming the level of incentives to be paid by the partner banks.

Dates(Start/End): 2013 – 2020

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Overal contract value (EUR): 369.423

Client: EBRD EuropeanBank for Reconstruction and Development

Verification Consultant for Egypt Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (“SEFF”).
PilotProject - National Bank Of Egypt Credit Line

Detailed description of project:

EgyptSEFF - Credit Line was planned to create a self-sustaining market for investments in sustainable energy projects. In this scope the VerificationConsultant (VC) has ensured that the objectives of Credit Line are met through checking and confirming if sub-projects are completed in accordance with the relevant investment plans and are on track to achieve the planned energy savings. Verification of the completion of sub-projects by the VC has triggered the payment of the incentives to Beneficiaries and the NBE. The Consultant’s decision regarding the implementation and completion of any sub-project was final and binding for the NBE and the Beneficiary. The VC has assessed successful implementation and completion of sub-projects via following methods:

Physical assessment (on-site) of successful implementation and completion of allAssisted Investments;

Physical assessment of successful implementation and completion of not less than 20% of all LEME Investments;

Verification of successful implementation and completion of the balance of LEME-Investments on the basis of a desk-based document review.

Dates(Start/End): 2015 - 2019

Country: Egypt

Overal contract value (EUR): 149.950

Client: EBRD EuropeanBank for Reconstruction and Development  

Planning for the building and re-building of the Mistelbach State Hospital

The project comprises building new buildings and re-building of existing buildings of MistelbachState Hospital. Currently (as of 2018) the hospital spreads across an area of17.270 m2and in the scope of the project an additional area of 27.950 m2 was built.

In this regard, a 5-floor building was added to the hospital complex having 200bed-capacity including operation rooms which are located under the ground level.    

The project included assessment of energy efficiency and renewable energy potential at all levels.

With its in-house automation planning services (heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary facilities, medical gasses, measuring and control technology, e-technology), ALLPLAN has been involved in the preliminary design, draft, submission to authorities, tendering, including all related services to the implementation of planning in three-dimensional space and the monitoring local building supervision procedures during the construction phase from the very beginning.

In the framework of the project, energy efficiency and renewable energy options have been assessed. In this scope, ways and means of increasing efficient energy in the hospital buildings have been investigated and a list of increased energy efficiency options has been prepared.Moreover, solutions for development of energy-efficient heating and cooling have been presented. In-depth analysis of using renewable sources for heating and cooling has been made available.

Country: Austria

 Overal contract value (EUR): 3.538.900

Client: VAMED Standortentwicklung und Engineering GmbH

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