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Contact:; +43 1 512 94 10 2100

The company is / was already working on construction / consulting projects abroad.

International construction / consulting projects are more likely to be public contracts.

The proportion or relevance of international funding for orders abroad is high (including World Bank, EU, EBRD etc .)

The following multipliers or networking activities abroad helped the company with orders or were important: Development Aid, a platform that offers daily notifications on international tenders and large database of international companies and experts; Existing relationships with international companies / experts; Conferences and B2B events for the target markets.

The company sees great export opportunities for its services in the following countries: EU accession countries, such as Western Balkans, furthermore CIS and ENPI countries.

Reason: The reform processes in these countries are bringing them closer to the EU and with this, the IFIs and donors are more active in providing funds for their projects. The rule of law is also improving, so the risk of implementing projects is not so high.

Potential clients in these countries could be: International Finance Institutions (WB, EBRD, EIB, ADB etc), bilateral donors / financing institutions, such as ADA , KfW, GIZ, as well as the EU, together with the beneficiary institutions of these projects, such as Ministries, Agencies, Municipalities etc.

In the following regions, the company has been / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

The company has been / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects in the following areas: building construction, hydraulic engineering and environmental technology, infrastructure (civil engineering) and energy consulting.

INGOB.ZT GmbH is active in the following areas: hydraulic engineering and environmental technology, industrial technology / building technology , Infrastructure (civil engineering), energy consulting.

The company has more than 25 employees.

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