Vermessung Schubert ZT GmbH

Vermessung Schubert ZT GmbH
Kremser Landstr. 2/2, 3100 St. Pölten; Rechte Kremszeile 62a/3, 3500 Krems; Ulmenhofstr. 233, 3040 Neulengbach; Hauptpl. 1, 3370 Ybbs/Donau; Hölriglstr. 7, 3350 Stadt Haag; Leopold-Moses-G. 4/2/2a, 1020 Wien
DI Dominik Mesner,, 02742 362 564-0;
DI Martin Oberzaucher,, 02742 362 564-0

The company is / was already working on construction / consulting projects abroad.

International construction / consulting projects are more private contracts.

The proportion of international funding (including the World Bank, EU, EBRD etc.) for orders abroad is low

The following multipliers or networking activities abroad helped the company with orders or were important: existing regular customers.

The company sees great export opportunities for its services in the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA (existing regular customers)

In the following areas, the company is / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects: surveying.

The company is active in the following areas: surveying.

The company has more than 25 employees.

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