Contact: Dr. Harald Meixner,, 06763303033

The company is / was already working on construction / consulting projects abroad.

International construction / consulting projects are public and private contracts to the same extent.

The proportion or relevance of international funding (including the World Bank, EU, EBRD etc .) is not relevant for orders abroad

The following multipliers or networking activities have helped the company with orders abroad or are important: Trade delegates, established export companies, construction companies

The company sees great export opportunities for its services in the following countries: Africa, Middle East, China‍

Reason: Business cycle, adequate tasks and project developments.‍

Potential clients in the above-mentioned countries could be: governments, cities, large industrial companies, infrastructure companies (railways, motorways)

The company has been / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects in the following regions: EU: Germany (FRAPORT, state governments), France (SNCF) Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, southern Africa (SADC countries), Algeria Asia: China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait Europe: Germany, France, Romania, Italy

The company is / was in the following areas international construction / consulting projects most successful so far: surveying, infrastructure (civil engineering)

MEIXNER VERMESSUNG ZT GmbH is active in the following areas: spatial, landscape planning and applied geography, surveying

The company has more than 25 employees.

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