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The company is / was already working on construction / consulting projects abroad.

International construction / consulting projects are more private contracts.

The proportion of international funding (including the World Bank, EU, EBRD etc.) for orders abroad is not

The following multipliers or networking activities abroad have helped the company with orders or were important: Contacts with domestic companies that also operate internationally.

The company sees great export opportunities for its services in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland.

Why? Comparable prerequisites

In the following regions, the company is / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects: EU (Germany).

In the following areas, the company is / was most successful in international construction / consulting projects: Building construction.

The company is in the following areas: Building construction.

The company has more than 25 employees.

Selected project examples

SFU Faculty Building for Medicine and Legal Sciences - Messestrasse II, Vienna

The new extension building of the Sigmund Freud Private University, comprises a festival hall, lecture hall, group rooms and a dental clinic. Office space for the individual faculties of the various fields of study is also located on the upper floors. The whole building has a basement. In addition to the parking spaces, storage areas and technical building equipment, an anatomical area is also located here. The ground floor, which was designed to be inviting, provides access to the building via the publicly accessible inner courtyard. A commercial area positioned on the ground floor contributes to the square’s vitality.

More about this project: https://www.wg-a.com/en/projects/messestrasse-ii-vienna/

Temporary Parliament, Vienna

For the restoration period of the Parliament in Vienna a total of three temporary pavilions were built using a timber construction system, which does not only fulfil the criteria of cost, qualityand functionality most successfully, but also makes a powerful statement about sustainability. The standardized components made of local wood were assembled on site using screw and plug connections. This enables the construction time to be kept short and minimizes dirt and noise pollution.

More about this project: https://www.wg-a.com/en/projects/temporary-parliament-vienna/

Residential building and kindergarten - Eckertstrasse 30, Graz

The Eggenberg Campus is a multifunctional project, which combines the extension of the university, a residential complex and student halls with a fully equipped residential environment. The project has been conceptualised by several teams of architects. WGA ZT GmbH and Studio Vlay ZT GmbH took on the responsibility for planning section 2. This building element has been designed as a seven-storey block with an eleven-storey high-rise section. 112 flats of varying sizes have been created with the emphasis on small flats with optimum use of space. The aim was to make affordable housing possible. All of the flats have their own balcony, loggia or terrace. Additionally on the ground floor there is a children‘s day-care centre and a kindergarten group with an outdoor area.

More about this project: https://www.wg-a.com/en/projects/wohnbebauung-eckertstrasse-30-graz-2/

Office and a residential building - Anschützgasse 1, Vienna

The design for the new seven-storey building for office and residential use with ten two-storey residential units is based on a hybrid construction method: a general concrete construction for the basement up to the 1st floor and a wooden construction for the remaining upperfloors. The façade of the building is protected against weathering and strong sunlight by wooden slats.

More about this project: https://www.wg-a.com/en/projects/anschuetzgasse-1-vienna/

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